Neubulach Vaulting Camp

Every year in the first week of the Baden-Württemberg summer holidays, around 300 vaulters come together at the Black Forest Sports Centre in Neubulach. The focus of the one-week camp is on four days of training, during which the participants carry out targeted fitness and technique training on horses, gymnastics horses and in the sports hall under the guidance of trained instructors. During the camp, our movie is also available and can be booked for extra training sessions.

22nd Vaulting Camp 2024

Date: 28 July - 04 August 2024

Max. number of participants: up to 27 training groups

Costs: €450.00 / training group plus €220.00 / vaulter or trainers and €150.00 / horse

Registration deadline: May 31, 2024 (if there are still places available, a shorter-term registration is also possible by arrangement)

The registration form for the team registration can be found here.

You can find the registration form for individual registrations for each vaulter here.

You can find the registration form for individual registrations for each coaches/supervisors here.

Course contents

From July 28 to 04.08.2024, the 22nd Neubulach vaulting tent camp will take place. We are expecting up to 250 participants for whom the following program will be prepared: four training days with a total of three training sessions each on horse, gymnastics horse and in the gym. In addition to theory lessons, the camp will conclude with the acceptance of the various badges and a show evening.

Experienced speakers and an excellent facility are available. Already set up team tents, shower and toilet containers as well as a large recreation tent provide the necessary comfort. The horses are housed in permanent outdoor boxes in our training stables. The costs include the course fee as well as full board and a supporting program. Here are two examples of how the costs per club can be composed:

1 club with 12 vaulters, 1 or 2 coaches and 1 or 2 horses:

1 training group (12 training sessions):

Course fee: 450,00 €

Participation fee: 14 x € 220.00

Horse: 1 x 150,00 €

Total: €3,680.00

                                               è 263,00 € / person

2 training groups (12 training sessions per group):

Course fee: 2 x 450,00 €

Participation fee: 14 x € 220.00

Horse: 2 x 150,00 €

Total: €4,280.00

                                               è 305,00 € / person

Eligibility Requirements

For each training group (not per club!), one total registration must be used with the name of the corresponding vaulters and supervisors. In addition, a signed individual registration must be submitted for each vaulter and supervisor by the registration deadline.


Preliminary Course Schedule

Sunday, 28.07.2024

From 2:00 p.m. Arrival

17:00 Opening-Ceremony

Monday, 29.07. - Friday, 02.08.2023

09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Training lessons on horse, gymnastics horse, gymnastics)

Thursday, 02.08.2024

09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m. lunging lessons theory and practice also as preparation for the lunging badge)

On two weekdays

in the evening, theory lessons for the vaulting badge.

Saturday, 03.08.2024

09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m. Vaulting badges competition

06:00 p.m. show evening

Sunday, 04.08.2024

From 09:00 a.m. tent dismantling and departure


Further Notes

Registrations will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Only written registrations can be considered with the help of the appropriate form and after payment of the participation fee. Only one box per training group can be guaranteed. If several horses are to be brought per training group, this is only possible by prior arrangement. A confirmation of receipt will not be sent, only cancellations will be made if the maximum number of participants is exceeded.

It is possible to participate without your own horse. Instead of training on the horse, our Movie can be booked on request (100,00 Euro for the 4 lessons).

On request, we can also arrange to rent a vaulting horse.

Additional training sessions and movie use can be booked on site, subject to availability.

The transfer of the total costs is made collectively per training group or club.

The instructors of the training groups will receive a letter about two weeks before the start of the camp with all further necessary information and a list of registered vaulters.

Only pre-reservations will be considered, for which the cost of the horse (150,00€) per training group has been paid. If pre-registered training groups do not participate in the camp or if they are not deregistered until after 20.05.2024, the deposit cannot be refunded.